Harmony 303 choir

About us

  Harmony 303 Community Choir is an enthusiastic group of singers, all sharing a love of singing. Our sessions are light – hearted and enjoyable.



Where and When

We meet in school term time on Tuesday mornings at Norton-sub-Hamdon village hall.


Each session starts with a warm-up, and then moves on to rounds and short songs. Longer and more complex songs are introduced gradually, building up the harmony when everyone is confident. We have a repertoire of songs such as Bridge Over Troubled Water.


The atmosphere is deliberately informal, unpressurised, and great fun.


At the end of term there is a chance for everyone to take part in an informal concert for family and friends. The choir may be asked to take part in local events – but this is optional for members.

Musical Director

We are in the process of looking for a new leader .

‘If you can talk you can sing!’

Caroline RigbyCaroline starts from the belief that most people can sing with encouragement and practice so that choir sessions can be enjoyed both by those with little or no experience and also by those who already sing regularly. The choir is run using this Natural Voice approach: you do not need to be able to read music or have sung in choirs before, as all the songs are taught by ear.  Words and some music (optional!) are provided for some songs. The Zimbabwean proverb ‘If you can talk you can sing’ underlies the approach.

What the members say

“I come out of choir with a smile”

“I can’t think of anything I would rather do on a Tuesday morning”